Tutorial :AJAX signout with Zend Framework and jQuery


When a logged user click the signout link I'd like to call the logout action without refresh the page or redirect. Any helps? Thanks!


You need to simply bind some code to your logout link/button that requests your logout action:

$("#logout").click(function() {      $.get("/foocontroller/logout", function() {          alert('Successfully logged out');      });      return false; // so the page does not refresh  });  

Returning false from the click event prevents the default 'link following' behaviour which would typically cause a refresh/redirect.


You can even do it in a more unobtrusive way:

$('a.logout').click(function () {      var logoutUrl = $(this).attr('href');      $.get(logoutUrl, function () {          alert('Logged out');      });      return false;  });  

What this does is it simply finds the logout link ($('a.logout')) and when you click the link will get "followed" in the back, without changing the page (the $(this).attr('href') part will get the url from the link). Replace alert('Logged out'); with what you want to happen after the user has been logged out.

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