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Can regular expression be utilized to match any string except a specific string constant let us say "ABC" ? Is this possible to exclude just one specific string constant? Thanks your help in advance.


You have to use a negative lookahead assertion.


You could for example use the following.


If this does not work in your editor, try this. It is tested to work in ruby and javascript:



This isn't easy, unless your regexp engine has special support for it. The easiest way would be to use a negative-match option, for example:

$var !~ /^foo$/      or die "too much foo";  

If not, you have to do something evil:

$var =~ /^(($)|([^f].*)|(f[^o].*)|(fo[^o].*)|(foo.+))$/      or die "too much foo";  

That one basically says "if it starts with non-f, the rest can be anything; if it starts with f, non-o, the rest can be anything; otherwise, if it starts fo, the next character had better not be another o".


In .NET you can use grouping to your advantage like this:


You'll notice that:


Will grab everything except ABC in the 2nd group. Parenthesis surround each group. So (ABC) is group 1 and (.) is group 2.

So you just grab the 2nd group like this in a replace:


Or in .NET look at the Groups collection inside the Regex class for a little more control.

You should be able to do something similar in most other regex implementations as well.

UPDATE: I found a much faster way to do this here: http://regexhero.net/tester/?id=997ce4a2-878c-41f2-9d28-34e0c5080e03

It still uses grouping (I can't find a way that doesn't use grouping). But this method is over 10X faster than the first.


You could use negative lookahead, or something like this:


Maybe it could be simplified a bit.


Try this regular expression:


It describes three cases:

  1. less than three arbitrary character
  2. exactly three characters, while either
    • the first is not A, or
    • the first is A but the second is not B, or
    • the first is A, the second B but the third is not C
  3. more than three arbitrary characters

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