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Banging my head against this one for a long time. On Rails 2.3.2, Ruby 1.9.1.

Trying to use one form to create three objects that have these relations:

class Person    has_one :goat  end    class Goat    belongs_to :person    has_many :kids  end    class Goat::Kid    belongs_to :goat  end  

Here's a summary of the schema:

Person    first_name    last_name  Goat    name    color  Goat::Kid    nickname    age  

I'd like my #create action to instantiate new instances of all three models with the specified associations. However, while it appears that my params hash is being passed to the controller as it should (based on the backtrace logs in the browser when it blows up), the Goat::Kid object is not collecting the params.

irb (irb session is just a psuedo-representation of what I'm trying to accomplish so if it doesn't call #save! or any other necessities it's not really meant to be correct. I'm trying to do this all through the browser/web form.)

a = Person.new :first_name => 'Leopold', :last_name => 'Bloom'  b = Goat.new :name => 'Billy', :color => 'white'  c = Goat::Kid.new :nickname => 'Jr.', :age => 2    a.goat.kids    >> []  

Now, I cannot figure out how to get the view to pass the params to each object and to get the controller to save these params to the db.

My questions: A) is this a good place to use nested_attributes_for and if so how do I declare that with a namespace? B) is there a much simpler, easier to understand way to do this?

Passing params to three models has just been very challenging to me and no matter how much documentation I read I can't wrap my head around it (#form_for and #fields_for). The namespace further complexifies this. Thanks for any help!

Addendum: if I end up declaring


what's the proper way to use the symbol argument for a namespaced model?

accepts_nested_attributes_for :kids, :through => :goats  


accepts_nested_attributes_for :goats_kids, :through => :goats  


accepts_nested_attributes_for :goats::kids, :through => :goats  

I'm not sure how namespaced models translate to their symbol identifiers. Thanks!


Well, this is my first time playing with accepts_nested_attributes_for, but with a little playing around I was able to get something to work.

First the model setup:

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base    has_one :goat    accepts_nested_attributes_for :goat  end    class Goat < ActiveRecord::Base    belongs_to :person    has_many :kids      accepts_nested_attributes_for :kids  end    class Goat::Kid < ActiveRecord::Base    belongs_to :goat  end  

With a simple restful controller:

ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|    map.resources :farm  end    class FarmController < ApplicationController    def new    end      def create      person = Person.new params[:person]      person.save      render :text => person.inspect    end  end  

Then comes the semi-complex form:

Next, the form setup:

<% form_for :person, :url => farm_index_path do |p| %>    <%= p.label :first_name %>: <%= p.text_field :first_name %><br />    <%= p.label :last_name %>: <%= p.text_field :last_name %><br />    <% p.fields_for :goat_attributes do |g| %>      <%= g.label :name %>: <%= g.text_field :name %><br />      <%= g.label :color %>: <%= g.text_field :color %><br />      <% g.fields_for 'kids_attributes[]', Goat::Kid.new do |k| %>        <%= k.label :nickname %>: <%= k.text_field :nickname %><br />        <%= k.label :age %>: <%= k.text_field :age %><br />      <% end %>    <% end %>    <%= p.submit %>  <% end %>  

From looking at the source for accepts_nested_attributes_for, it looks like it will create a method for you called #{attr_name}_attributes=, so I needed to setup my fields_for to reflect that (Rails 2.3.3). Next, getting the has_many :kids working with accepts_nested_attributes_for. The kids_attributes= method was looking for an array of objects, so I needed to specify the array association in the form manually and tell fields_for what type of model to use.

Hope this helps.

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