Tutorial :jqZoom IE 6,7 (8?) bug


EDIT Page with issue not available anymore

In magento while using IE 6 or 7, the zoom function didn't work for me, I solved this by upgrading to jqZoom Evolution (see answer)


In IE8 is working although calendar-setup.js is issuing some errors on lines: 4022 char 2, 7354, 1590('style' is null or not an object), 4022 ( rest of errors - Object doesn't support this property or method). Try to disable this script if you don't need it and see if it works.


I upgraded the jQzoom from jqzoom v2.2 to jqzoom evolution 1.0.1


Just change the condition at the start of the plugin from

var isIE6 = ($.browser.msie && $.browser.version < 7);  


var isIE6 = ($.browser.msie && $.browser.version <10);   

It worked well for me.

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