Tutorial :Is it possible to simplify this regular expression any further?


I'm working on some homework for my compiler class and I have the following problem:

Write a regular expression for all strings of a's and b's that contain an odd number of a's or an odd number of b's (or both).

After a lot of whiteboard work I came up with the following solution:

(aa|bb)* (ab|ba|a|b) ((aa|bb)* (ab|ba) (aa|bb)* (ab|ba) (aa|bb)*)*  

However, Is this is the most simplified I can get it? I've considered constructing the DFA trying to minimize the number of states there to see if it would help me simplify but I figured I would ask the regex gurus on SO first.


Take Greg D's recommendation of starting with a(aa)*, and going from there. Sepp2k almost has it right, but the real consideration is that you don't care about the other letter. What I mean is, when you are looking at the "odd number of a's" constraint, you don't care at all about what b's are in your string. Thus, stick b*'s anywhere you can :)

Sepp2k's answer is almost right, but this one is correct:

b* a b* (a b* a b* )* | a* b a* (b a* b a* )*  

To elaborate, this regex figures out all strings with an odd number of a's (first section), and OR's those strings with any strings containing an odd number of b's.


This should work:

b* a b* (a b* a b*)* |  a* b a* (b a* b a*)*  


I'm afraid that I don't believe your regex as written is correct. Consider the string:


We have a couple choices for matches, but the fact that it's odd-length means we must match a lone a at the front, so:


But, sadly, it's impossible for your second main grouping there to match (ba).

When dealing with a constraint like this, I found it easier to start from the core constraint and go from there. In this case, your constraint is "odd," so start with


to force an odd number of a's and go from there. :)


I think you need to approach the problem differently.

You are trying to match anything that doesn't have even numbers of both a and b.

It would probably be easier to start with something that matches even numbers of a and b. All you have to do at that point would be to add something on the end that matches the smallest string that you actually want to match.

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