Tutorial :How to make a signature field in LaTeX


When I'm writing my laboratory reports in LaTeX, I recently had to make a signature field on the form.

                   Trondheim 4.september 2009      ______________________         ___________________________    Ivar Nesje                      Team mate's name  

The problem was that I could not find a easy way to do it so after a lot of searching on the net I came up with this simple solution

\newcommand{\doubleSignature}[3]{  \begin{minipage}[c]{\textwidth}  \vspace{2cm}    \makebox[12cm][c]{   #1, \today   }  \vspace{3cm}    \makebox[12cm][c]{  \hfill \makebox[5cm][c] {\hrulefill} \hfill \makebox[5cm][c] {\hrulefill} \hfill  }  \makebox[12cm][c]{  \hfill #2 \hfill #3 \hfill  }  \vspace{1cm}  \end{minipage}  }  

This allowed me to type;

\doubleSignature{Trondheim}{Ivar Nesje}{Team mate's name}  

To achieve the wanted result. If any of you have another way of doing this, not using the letter document class, I'd be really glad to hear your suggestions.


I think I would work from \rule[<raise>]{<width>}{<thickness>}. Because the reference point is the lower left corner, you probably don't even need the optional raising argument. Something like:

\newcommand{\doublesignature}[3][Ivar Nesje]{%    \parbox{\textwidth}{      \centering #3 \today\\      \vspace{2cm}        \parbox{7cm}{        \centering        \rule{6cm}{1pt}\\         #1       }      \hfill      \parbox{7cm}{        \centering        \rule{6cm}{1pt}\\        #2      }    }  }  

I've re-ordered your arguments to make your name optional.


Assuming there aren't additional formatting restrictions, I probably would have used a tabular environment instead of boxes, and I would have used \rule{length}{width} instead of \hrulefill:

\newcommand{\doubleSignature}[3]{  \vspace{2cm}    \begin{center}      #1, \today  \end{center}  \vspace{3cm}    \noindent  \begin{tabular}{lcl}      \rule{5cm}{1pt} & \hspace{2cm} & \rule{5cm}{1pt} \\      #2 & & #3  \end{tabular}  \vspace{1cm}  }  

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