Tutorial :How to find an element by classname in another cell in a table row?


From the change event of a textbox in a td, I want to find a div whose classname = 'licenseStatus' in another cell within the row in which the textbox resides but can't seem to figure it out...

$('#gridRequestedApps .xxxAppName').change(function() {     var licenseOutputCell = $(this).parent('tr').find(".licenseStatus");     alert(licenseOutputCell.text());    // is an empty string  });  


You may need to use the parents() function:

$("#gridRequestedApps .xxxAppName").change  (    function()    {      var licenseOutputCell = $(this)                                .parents("tr:first")                                .find("div.licenseStatus");      alert(licenseOutputCell.text());    }  );  

parents("tr:first") works because you're selecting the first TR ancestor element, and not a direct parent which is what parent() does.

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