Tutorial :How to create subdomain with username using C# and asp.net?


When a user registers with my site, they will get a url like this "http://username.mysite.com" to access their page/folder. How this is possible using C# and asp.net mvc.

Any help is appreciated.


I was also looking to implementing your scenario and have some links bookmarked. Maybe this will get you on your way until some SO superstar gives another complete sample ;)

http://blogs.securancy.com/post/ASPNET-MVC-Subdomain-Routing.aspx (link down)

  • Step 1: Custom RouteBase
  • Step 2: Create the Controller
  • Step 3: Register the Routes
  • Step 4: Subdomains on localhost IIS

At the end of the article, it also references another SO post:

Is it possible to make an ASP.NET MVC route based on a subdomain?

It seems like a SO superstar has already answered the question :)


Rather than have the username as a subdomain how about having it as part of the URL path. Would be a lot easier for you to implement.

www.mysite.com/users/ravi  www.mysite.com/ravi  

Then you could tailor your View page dependent on the username.


You might want to look into the IIS API over at MSDN.


I'd agree with @David (+1). Not only would it be easier to implement but it would be much more consistant for your site in regards to analytics, stats and probably most importantly, caching! There's probably several other reasons too!

Unless you want to treat each user as a client, which is different. But if they are all in the same domain then I'd advise to go with @David's suggestion.


You can also create fake subdomains with a custom HTTPModule as stated Here

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