Tutorial :What tools should I use for C# having previously been mainly a Java developer?


I am new to C#, having previously been a Java developer. I am used to tools such as Eclipse, JUnit and Ant - are there C# equivalents I can use - or could you recommend some of the most popular tools? I've heard of Resharper and Nant. Please avoid documentation tools as I have asked this as a separate question.

Also in your opinion which ones are best?


Visual Studio replaces Eclipse. If you're a IntelliJ user, you should also install Resharper (although I recommend this even if you are not a IntelliJ user).

NAnt is the .NET equivalent for Ant

NUnit is the unit test tool of choice for .NET


  • IDEs: Visual Studio (Express), MonoDevelop, SharpDevelop
  • Unit-testing Frameworks: NUnit, mbUnit, TestDriven.NET
  • Build Automation Tools: NAnt, MSBuild


IDE: Visual Studio (+ Resharper)

Unit testing: NUnit

Build: NAnt

Just stick an 'N' in front of your favourites and see if it exists ;)


As a programming IDE you could use Visual Studio Express (free) or regular Visual Studio (costs money). SharpDevelop is excellent as well


IDE -- Visual Studio + Resharper (worth every penny!)

Unit testing -- nUnit and Rhino Mocks, with nCover or partcover for coverage analysis

Code style -- MSFT's FxCop and StyleCop tools


Visual Studio 2008 enough for everything.. If you are just starter Express version should be ok for you.. (And it runs faster in my computer =) )..

Also, Resharper is really useful tool.

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