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How close can I get to defining a model in SQLAlchemy like:

class Person(Base):        pass  

And just have it dynamically pick up the field names? anyway to get naming conventions to control the relationships between tables? I guess I'm looking for something similar to RoR's ActiveRecord but in Python.

Not sure if this matters but I'll be trying to use this under IronPython rather than cPython.


It is very simple to automatically pick up the field names:

from sqlalchemy import Table  from sqlalchemy.orm import MetaData, mapper    metadata = MetaData()  metadata.bind = engine    person_table = Table(metadata, "tablename", autoload=True)    class Person(object):      pass    mapper(Person, person_table)  

Using this approach, you have to define the relationships in the call to mapper(), so no auto-discovery of relationships.

To automatically map classes to tables with same name, you could do:

def map_class(class_):      table = Table(metadata, class_.__name__, autoload=True)      mapper(class_, table)    map_class(Person)  map_class(Order)  

Elixir might do everything you want.


AFAIK sqlalchemy intentionally decouples database metadata and class layout.

You may should investigate Elixir (http://elixir.ematia.de/trac/wiki): Active Record Pattern for sqlalchemy, but you have to define the classes, not the database tables.

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