Tutorial :Selector for one tag directly followed by another tag


This selects all <B> tags directly preceded by <A> tags:

A+B {      /* styling */  }  

What is the selector for all <A> tags directly followed by <B> tags?

Here's sample HTML fitting my question:

<a>some text</a>  <b>some text</b>  


You can’t in css.

Edit: To be a bit more helpful, if you use for example jQuery (a JavaScript library), you can use .prev().


Do you mean to style A given that it has a B element directly inside or followed? Like this:

<A>      <B>      </B>  </A>    // OR    <A>  </A>  <B>  </B>  

You can't do such a thing in CSS (yet). Eric Meyer states that this kind of selector has been discussed quite a few times on the CSS mailing list, and isn’t doable. Dave Hyatt, one of the core WebKit developers, comments with a good explanation of why it can’t be done.

Check out: Shaun Inman's blog post and the comment by Eric Meyer.
David Hyatt weighs in, too.


You can ONLY do the converse: This selects all tags directly preceded by tags.

This is logically equivalent to your request.

I often use this to style a row of many checkboxes with labels


label+input {      margin-left: 4px;  }  


<input id="a" name="a" type="checkbox"/><label for="a">...</label>  <input id="b" name="b" type="checkbox"/><label for="b">...</label>  <input id="c" name="c" type="checkbox"/><label for="c">...</label>  


This might become possible in CSS4:

A:has(+ B) {...}

As of today no browser supports this.

  • In earlier specs it was proposed as !A + B


You could, but the support is still buggy. The name of that is the adjacent sibling selector


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