Tutorial :Making all PHP file output pass through a “filter file” before being displayed


Is there any way for all my PHP and/or HTML file output to be "filtered" before being displayed in the browser? I figured that I could pass it through a global function before it is displayed but I'm stuck on the implementation. Please help.

If there is a better way to achieve the same result, I'd be happy to know.



Check out ob_start which lets you pass a callback handler for post-processing your script output.

For example, PHP includes a built-in callback ob_gzhandler for use in compressing the output:

<?php    ob_start("ob_gzhandler");    ?>  <html>  <body>  <p>This should be a compressed page.</p>  </html>  <body>  

Here's a fuller example illustrating how you might tidy your HTML with the tidy extension:

function tidyhtml($input)  {      $config = array(             'indent'         => true,             'output-xhtml'   => true,             'wrap'           => 200);        $tidy = new tidy;      $tidy->parseString($input, $config, 'utf8');      $tidy->cleanRepair();        // Output      return $tidy;  }    ob_start("tidyhtml");    //now output your ugly HTML  

If you wanted to ensure all your PHP scripts used the same filter without including it directly, check out the auto_prepend_file configuration directive.


You can use output buffering and specify a callback when you call ob_start()

<?php  function filterOutput($str) {      return strtoupper($str);  }    ob_start('filterOutput');  ?>    <html>      some stuff      <?php echo 'hello'; ?>  </html>  


You can use PHP's output buffering functions to do that

You can provide a callback method that is called when the buffer is flushed, like:

<?php    function callback($buffer) {         // replace all the apples with oranges        return (str_replace("apples", "oranges", $buffer));   }    ob_start("callback");  ?>  <html>  <body>      <p>It's like comparing apples to oranges.</p>  </body>  </html>    <?php  ob_end_flush();  ?>  

In that case output is buffered instead of sent from the script and just before the flush your callback method is called.


Have a look at using Smarty. It's a templating system for PHP, that is good practice to use, and into which you can plug global output filters.


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My original reply was:

That can be achieved with output buffering.

For example:

ob_start();  // Generate all output  echo "all my output comes here."  // Done, filtering now  $contents = ob_get_contents();  ob_end_clean();  echo my_filter_function($contents);  

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