Tutorial :Looking for a generic Oauth library for scala, java or python [closed]


I have a few already but wanted to merge them into one public domain oauth code library for twitter, facebook, friendfeed (and let other developers improve the library for their preferred connections).

I'm having a tough time just debugging mashing friendfeed and twitters oauth into one friendly python program running on the Google App Engine.

These are some of the pieces I have so far: http://oauth.net/code http://code.google.com/p/oauth-python-twitter/ http://code.google.com/p/friendfeed-api-example/


Uh oh...

OAuth here she comes ... she's a scala-based-man-eater!

Full disclosure: I just remembered this article mostly because the title was catchy, more than that I fully grok and support the approach. But I try to think I steal<bs><bs><bs><bs><bs> appropriate ideas from the author enough that I think it's worth reading.


Here's a clean code version, written in scala, works in Java too.



Sorry, I renamed the repo:



check out Signpost, it's written in Java, has a dead simple interface, and is service provider independent.


PyPI lists a few packages under OAuth, but I'm not sure how well they match your needs.

Also, there's an oauth on app engine subfolder in the gdata library for python that might be of interest.


For Python there's rauth, an OAuth 1.0/a and 2.0 client library.


I recently saw a directory under the main scala lib http://www.scala-tools.org/mvnsites/liftweb/lift-oauth/index.html

nothing there yet, but maybe its "in the works"

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