Tutorial :jquery reload div X amount of seconds problem


I know there are a million examples and tutrials on how to reload a DIV in jquery every X amount of seconds, here is the example code I am using right now

<script>   var auto_refresh = setInterval(   function(){     $('#notificationcontainer').load('http://localhost/member/beta_new/notifications.inc.php').     fadeIn("slow");   }, 10000);   </script>   

The above code loads the DIV notificationcontainer

My problem is I need to load DIV notificationcontainer on page load and then refresh every X amount of seconds, this code currently makes the page wait X amount of time on initial page load and I need to show the div right away on page load but then also update it every X amount of time, please help


Create a function which loads the DIV, call it once in document.ready and pass it to setInterval function so that will be called periodically.

<script>      var refreshNotification =           function()           {                 $('#notificationcontainer').load('http://localhost/member/beta_new/notifications.inc.php');              fadeIn("slow");           };        $(document).ready(          function()          {              refreshNotification();              var autoRefresh = setInterval(refreshNotification, 10000);          }      );  </script>  


Run the function before calling setInterval


Just move the function() out, give it a name, then onload call that function along with a setInterval that calls the same function.

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