Tutorial :Is there a way to delete all iPhone application data?



The app is running on the device of an ad-hoc user.

I just want to delete a single application's data.

Original question:

Is there a way to completely wipe the an iPhone application's directory easily?

I want to delete preferences, documents, caches, everything.

I'd like to do this programmatically within the app so I could distribute it to an Ad-Hoc user.



Have them delete the app from their phone first. That will delete the application folder. Then they can install a fresh copy with no saved files in the app's directory.


It sounds like you have the app running in the simulator and you want to send it to an ad-hoc user? Technically, ad-hoc copies of the app need to be compiled for the ARM architecture and codesigned with an ad-hoc distribution certificate - so a copy from the simulator won't do any good.

If you just want the other person to run the app in their copy of the simulator, you can go to ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/ and start deleting stuff, though.

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