Tutorial :Is there a hosted SVN provider that offers discussion tools on par with GitHub's?


We use SVN at work (ie. this is not an open-source project) and have an off-shore team working in our code. I'd love to be able to communicate better with them and the commenting system provided by GitHub would be perfect.

With GitHub's system I can start a discussion on any line of code in a commit.

So, my question: does anyone know of a hosted SVN provider that has a similar tool?

To be clear, I'm looking specifically for discussion tools that allow convenient discussion about the code. The GitHub tool lets you start a discussion on a line of code in the source browser.

I'm not looking for a formal peer-review tool, but rather a discussion tool designed to foster conversation about the code in a commit.

We are using Assembla currently and they don't offer this sort of functionality in either the Trac repository browser or their home-grown repository browser.

Example on YouTube


Any hosting that provides access to Python. You can use Trac with discussion plugin


It would not be hosted, but you can setup the open source version of the Google Code Review tool previously noted by @SilentGhost which is named Rietveld:

As is, it runs on Google AppEngine. You could host this yourself using the AppEngine SDK and Apache's mod_proxy, though I wouldn't recommend this if the site is to be publicly visible as the SDK clearly notes that it is not meant for production and as such security is lightly considered.

Alternatively, Google has also released a tool for converting AppEngine applications into pure Django applications, which you could then host via your favorite python web run time. On top of this, the demo application conversion that's included is actually Rietveld so they have already taking care of this for you. See here for more info:


What about using Review Board?
It's quite easy to put un place, you can easily restrict the access through password and it can be interfaced with SVN.

I know it's not a hosted service, but putting it in place is so easy that it should not be a show-stopper.


Google code provides CodeReview functionality, which includes possibility of line-by-line commenting as well as whole-commit comments.


I think Beanstalk is the best out there for hosted Subversion.

I think you should use git-svn and convert your subversion repository to Git and use github, but Beanstalk is by far the best in terms of features.

All the best


I'd recommend svnrepository.com. It installs trac for you to manage your project.


While it's not a line-based system, you could set up a discussion by commit situation using cvsdude with hooks for Basecamp. It's a hosted solution and you can also use Lighthouse or even FogBugz to work with it. Granted, it's probably more meant for bug fixing than communication with teams per se, but I think the Basecamp integration might work for a general solution. Not perfect but I like it so I thought I'd throw it out there.

I don't think there's anything out there right now that has the line-by-line of Github - perhaps that'd be a good project to start! Actually cvsdude does offer an API for their Enterprise service, so if you wanted to build your own basic discussion system you could do it off of that I suspect (haven't looked too closely at it myself).


I recommend you to use Assembla. You can get Subversion Repository http://www.assembla.com/catalog/12-Enhanced-Subversion-Repository-Package with just one click and you can later add a lot of extra tools in case you need them:


Tickets / Issues

  • Assembla agile Ticket and Issue tracker
  • Trac, enhanced with team and alert management


  • Assembla Wiki
  • Assembla Messages
  • Assembla Files
  • Assembla Chat
  • Trac Wiki

Time Tracking

  • Project time report
  • Rollup time report
  • Burndown chart
  • Desktop time tracker


  • Visible activity stream with email alerts and RSS
  • Scrum report
  • Project templates
  • Branded home pages and spaces
  • Portfolio reports


  • Webhooks - post to any REST interface
  • Twitter
  • Eclipse Mylyn
  • External SVN, Github


You can checkout InDefero, it is not providing the line by line review of code but this is on the roadmap for September 2009 or earlier. Note that I am a developer of InDefero.

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