Tutorial :Insert data in multiple table with single button click


I am developing project on hospital management. I am entering the data of Patien details. like

PatientsProfile:  Id,Name,Age, Address, ContactNo    PatientRelativeProfile:  Admittername,Age,Address,ContactNo, Relationship    Patients Defect Profile:  Injury_Accident, Murder_Attempt, Cancer, Other    Previous Treatment References:  Hospitalname, Doctorname, TestDone    Dates:  DateOfJoining, PreviousDateOfVisit, Numberofvisit, ReferredDepartment.  

Note: For DateOfJoining and PreviousDateOfVisit values are taking from dropdownlist, for that in Dates table those type taken as DateTime.

All the above information are kept in one single page. I have only one submit button. After filling the page once I click on submit button all the data should be stored in corresponding tables.

Please somebody help me with query......


sumit you should spend some time designing... things like what data needs to go into what table.. what should be the flow of your program. how individual queries would look like... its always a good idea to do some designing and then start coding

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