Tutorial :How to hide javascript errors throw in iFrames?


I have an iFrame that shows external web pages through one of my proxies that I control. But this proxy doesn't handle javascript properly most of the time, the external pages throws javascript errors. Javascript doesn't need to work as it's not important.

What can i do to hide these javascript errors? They are annoying and I may have more than one of these iFrames pointing to different external sources.


Could your proxy rewrite the HTML? If you don't even care whether the HTML is valid, you can replace <script with <!--script, /script> with /script-->. and invalidate any event handler attributes e.g. replace on[a-z]+= with *onnull=.

The only JavaScript that could run then is within CSS expressions in Internet Explorer.


I suppose just use the proxy to parse and replace all script tags and events. Since all of those tags have a regular pattern, you can just use regex to eliminate all script tags and all javascript events if not important.

Regex to remove script:


Will remove all characters between script tags, but you should also remove the on x and javascript: addresses as well. More on this later.

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