Tutorial :How to find Source for HTML Email


How to find the source of HTML Email on Outlook or Thunderbird ? is there any plug-in for that ?


For each of the following, open the message then:

  • Outlook 2003: Right-click anywhere in the message and select View Source
  • Outlook 2007: Select Other Actions > View Source
  • Thunderbird: Select View > Message Source (or hit Ctrl+U)


In outlook 2007, open mail message and click other actions -> View source


In Thunderbird it's View -> Message Source, which is bound to control-U.


In Thunderbird, type CTRL + U when the mail message has focus.

Or in the Menu > View > Message Source.


Be careful: sometimes sending things through Outlook distorts the source. E.G. if you have a pure HTML email sent, and view source in outlook, it can add all type of garbage to it if what you're after is the pure HTML.


Because the menu ribbon sucks to navigate:

  • Outlook 2010: Actions > Other Actions > View Source

Outlook 2010 - View Source

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