Tutorial :How do you increase Internet Explorer 7's “Select as you type” timeout for comboboxes?


In Internet Explorer 7, you can select options from comboboxes by typing the first few letters of the value you're looking for. However, some people in our organisation are a bit slow and can't type their selection quick enough, with the result that the timeout is triggered and the "select as you type" process starts all over again.

Example: If I type A-R-M-A (looking for Armadale) then wait half a second and type D, I'll get selections beginning with the letter D.

What I want to do is increase this timeout to allow for slow typers. (We're in a corporate environment so rolling out these changes to all machines won't be a problem).


These timeouts are quite often connected with double-click times. Increase it and check whether timeout changes.

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/2008/04/23/8417521.aspx

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