Tutorial :How Do I Use A Decimal Number In A Django URL Pattern?


I'd like to use a number with a decimal point in a Django URL pattern but I'm not sure whether it's actually possible (I'm not a regex expert).

Here's what I want to use for URLs:

/item/value/0.01  /item/value/0.05  

Those URLs would show items valued at $0.01 or $0.05. Sure, I could take the easy way out and pass the value in cents so it would be /item/value/1, but I'd like to receive the argument in my view as a decimal data type rather than as an integer (and I may have to deal with fractions of a cent at some point). Is it possible to write a regex in a Django URL pattern that will handle this?


It can be something like

urlpatterns = patterns('',     (r'^item/value/(?P<value>\d+\.\d{2})/$', 'myapp.views.byvalue'),     ... more urls  )  

url should not start with slash.

in views you can have function:

def byvalue(request,value='0.99'):      try:          value = float(value)      except:          ...  


I don't know about Django specifically, but this should match the URL:



If the values to be accepted are only $0.01 or $0.05, the harto's pattern may be specified like this:



Don't use »

url(r"^item/value/(?P<dollar>\d+\.\d{1,2})$", views.show_item, name="show-item"),  

It will only match the URL patterns like /item/value/0.01, /item/value/12.2 etc.

It won't match URL patterns like /item/value/1.223, /item/value/1.2679 etc.

Better is to use »

url(r"^item/value/(?P<dollar>\d+\.\d+)$", views.show_item, name="show-item"),  

It will match URL patterns like /item/value/0.01, /item/value/1.22, /item/value/10.223, /item/value/1.3 etc.

Finally you can design your views.py something like

This is just for an example.

# Make sure you have defined Item model (this is just an example)  # You use your own model name  from .models import Item     def show_item(request, dollar):      try:          # Convert dollar(string) to dollar(float).          # Which gets passed to show_item() if someone requests           # URL patterns like /item/value/0.01, /item/value/1.22 etc.          dollar = float(dollar);            # Fetch item from Database using its dollar value          # You may use your own strategy (it's mine)          item = Item.objects.get(dollar=dollar);            # Make sure you have show_item.html.          # Pass item to show_item.html (Django pawered page) so that it could be           # easily rendered using DTL (Django template language).          return render(request, "show_item.html", {"item": item});      except:          # Make sure you have error.html page (In case if there's an error)          return render(request, "error.html", {});  

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