Tutorial :How can I send a .pdf file as blat attachment?


I try to send a mail with an attachment with blat (with the Shell command of Access VBA).

All works fine while I try to send a .txt file

blat ... -attach c:\mydir\myfile.txt  

but if I try to send a .pdf file, with the same command

blat ... -attach c:\mydir\myfile.pdf  

I don't receive the mail.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


The file type by itself shouldn't matter with BLAT, but your email provider might be balking at the size of PDF you're trying to send, or may restrict sending PDF files altogether.

I'd say check with the mail provider and see if they have any such restrictions. Meanwhile you could rename the PDF to text and ask the recipient to rename it back to PDF, but that would be a wonky and hopefully short-term workaround.


that should work. do you have spaces in the file name or directories?

c:\test\my file.pdf  


Take a look at the file name 'length'; I just had a process fail with a text file cuz the NAME was too long.





Also use the command line 'debug' option to see whats going on. What does your log say btw?

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