Tutorial :Fluent NHibernate Conventions for CompositeIds


I have a IIdConvention for my Fluent NHibernate mapping:

public class SplitIDNameConvention : IIdConvention  {      public bool Accept(IIdentityPart target)      {          return true;      }        public void Apply(IIdentityPart target)      {          if (target.GetColumnName() == null)              target.ColumnName(SplitName(target.Property.Name));      }  }  

This works perfect for tables with a single primary key, but I have a lot of tables with CompositeKeys. Is there a way to provide a Convetion which changes the mapped column name for CompositeIds in Fluent NHibernate?

Best regards, forki


Not what you want to hear, but no, not currently.

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