Tutorial :Declare array size in header file without #define's


I have a code a following (simplified version):

#define MESSAGE_SIZE_MAX 1024  #defined MESSAGE_COUNT_MAX 20    class MyClass {  public:     .. some stuff  private:     unsigned char m_messageStorage[MESSAGE_COUNT_MAX*MESSAGE_SIZE_MAX];  };  

I don't like defines, which are visible to all users of MyCalss.

How can I do it in C++ style?

Thanks Dima


The trick to get such things into the class definition is,

// public:  enum {MESSAGE_SIZE_MAX=1024, MESSAGE_COUNT_MAX=20};  

I never liked #defines to be used like constants.
Its always a good practice to use enum.


Why don't you simply use a constant?

const int message_size_max = 1024;  

Note that unlike C, C++ makes constant variables in global scope have static linkage by default.

The constant variable above is a constant expression and as such can be used to specify array sizes.

char message[message_size_max];  

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