Tutorial :Data Module in Dll with delphi?


I created a database program which has a problem. I used Borland Delphi 7.x

My Question is

"How to create a data module in Dll (Dynamic Link Library) With Delphi?


You can create the code from the data module, just like you would in a normal application. File|New|Data Module

But I am guessing that you want to create an instance of a data module in a DLL.

DataModules are no different other classes and components, and can be created in code.

var    DM : TMyDataModule;  begin    DM := TMyDataModule.Create(nil);     try   // Then...   DM.MyDataSet.First; etc...    finally      DM.Free;     end;  end;  


Open your DLL project in the IDE. Under the File|New menu, do you see an option for Data Module?

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