Tutorial :Convert C# Array to String Using Reflection / Type Conversion


I am trying to figure out how to convert an arbitrary array or collection to a string via reflection and it's driving me nuts..NUTS...I'm about yay close to putting my red swingline through the computer monitor here.

So for example, given an array of Color objects, I want the default string representation of that array (you know, semicolon-delimited or whatever) using an ArrayConverter or ColorConverter or whatever the appropriate converter is. I can do this for simple object types but collections elude me.

Here's how I'm iterating the properties of an (arbitrary) object using reflection. How do I generically convert an array containing arbitrary types to a standard string representation using the appropriate converter?

Type t = widget.GetType();    System.Reflection.PropertyInfo[] props = t.GetProperties();  foreach (PropertyInfo prop in props)  {      TypeConverter converter = TypeDescriptor.GetConverter(prop.PropertyType);      if (converter != null)      {          object o = prop.GetValue(widget, null);          att.Value = converter.ConvertToString(o);          // This returns some BS like "System.Array [2]"          // I need the actual data.      }  }  

EDIT: If I try this:

att.Value = o.ToString();  

It returns: "System.Drawing.Color[]". Whereas I want "255,202,101;127,127,127" or whatever the default string representation is used in for example a property editor.



There's no such thing as "standard string representation of an array". But you can always:

string stringRepresentation =       string.Join(",",          Array.Convert<Foo, string>(delegate(Foo f) { return f.ToString(); }));  


Just calling ToString() on individual members together should work...

object[] data = GetData();  string convertedData = String.Join(",",(from item in data select item.ToString()).ToArray());  

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