Tutorial :ASP.Net site upload not working


I have uploaded a site built with asp.net 2.0 in a sub directory created by the plesk control panel. The subfolder name is "test" and it has the same files as root. However I am not being able to browse the files in the test folder, it's showing a directory listing denied message.

Here is the link: http://test.thigassist.co.uk/ even http://test.thigassist.co.uk/default.aspx is not working and asking for authentication, when the same files are working as expected at http://www.thigassist.co.uk/.

Any kind of help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


You have to enable "Directory Listing" in iis to view the list of files. It seems the folder "test" does not have a default page. Is it a shared hosting?


I'd check the IIS settings. You may need to enable anonymous access to the site.

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