Tutorial :Where can I find visual studio macro examples?


When I look up anything about macros for Visual studio 2005, everyone is referencing the samples that ship with it. However, Visual studio was installed for me (IT department) and I do not have these sample macros.

Is there another place I can find(or download) them?


Note that you can also create your own using the macro recorder (Ctrl+Shift+R). After you record some actions, stop recording (ctrl+shift+R again), you can view the macro source using the Macros IDE (Tools | Macros | Macros IDE).


In VC 6 they used to be in a normal file from what I remember, but I'm not sure where they are kept in VS2005 and VS2008. I can't imagine that there is an install option to not include them.

Did you look in the Macro IDE or the Macro Explorer?


The Macros IDE includes some sample macros for your study and use. They are located in a node called Samples and are available in either the Macro Explorer or the Macros IDE. The following is a list of the macro samples and a description of what they do.


Try here for examples and tutorials

Code Project

Line Counter Add-in

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