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I am looking for some tutorials for setting up a podcast in PHP. I have audio files and title/description data, I just want to make sure I get the XML part right so that it handles well in iTunes and other common players. (I don't subscribe to any podcasts, and I don't know what's popular.)

The title/description data is stored in a mysql database, and more files will be added each month.

I have created a basic XML feed which works fine in my web browsers, but I was hoping that someone could point me to some instructions on making an RSS Feed properly, that is more likely to work in any program.

I am already having issues with iTunes, which refuses to download the audio files simply because the stream_audio.php file in the url doesn't end in .mp3. I'm not sure if iTunes is being annoying, or if I have violated the official/unofficial guidelines for XML.


Just a note, if you want a file to look like an mp3, you could do a simple Apache rewrite that internally rewrites the request, so convert http://blah.com/audio43657.mp3 (where the number is some sort of ID of what to stream):

RewriteRule audio([\d]+)\.mp3 streamingaudio.php?id=$1  


  • RSS 2.0 at Harvard Law is reasonably digestible and outlines the required tags.

  • Apple Podcasts Technical Specification - Tracking Usage includes a small note on the "url must end in .mp3" issue, which others have encountered.


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