Tutorial :A simple assembly program?


I've recently learned how to use MASM from MSVC++ IDE, and to test whether it works, I would like to run a short program.

However, I don't know any assembly yet (that which I do is useless: ie: even though I know what i+=1; is in C++, I can't do anything without int main()).

So where can I find a simple assembly program akin to the helloworld program used with C++? (It doesn't actually have to display "Hello, World!", it just has to do something so that I can make sure the set-up I have works).


Here is the MASM documentation online: http://web.sau.edu/LillisKevinM/csci240/masmdocs/

Here is the difinitive tutorial on assembly: http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/

I think that between the two of those you should be able to get up to speed and start writing programs.


To get you into a quick start I would suggest the following sites: RADasm and WinASM.

From these sites you can find some examples, some prepackaged downloads with IDE and compiler. This way it is actually pretty easy to do some GUI-software early on but be warned, take care to read about x86 assembly. Check out wikibooks - x86 assembler.


You may find this site interesting: Authoring Windows Applications In Assembly Language. You can download The Small Is Beautiful Starter Kit which contains a sample application to write a Windows program in assembly.

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