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I was about to write a program that just tracks the time I spend coding. Then I thought there must already be some sort of feature in my IDE(VS 2008) or something to download for free. Basically, I just need to record the start time, end time and a subject line. I need either a free option or an option using Visual Studio 2008, which I already have. I am a one person coding team. I am not very familiar with Version Control. If this is already a feature of every version control system in the world, please don't beat me over the head. Just let me know.

Any help is appreciated.




I'm confused. Where do you want to put this info? In the source code, or somewhere else? If you just need it for billing and for preparing your timesheets, you can't go past Timesnapper, it is the awesome.


You could take a look at FreshBooks,


It's free (for personal use at least) and provides time tracking functionality.


I came accross FusionDesk a while back while reading Joel on Software. It has a free edition, however, I am not sure if the free edition supports time tracking or not. Its a pretty good product, and the pay version isn't terribly priced, in case your interested.



I also forgot the great staple of CodeProject: ToDo List. This sucker is the top project at www.codeproject.com, and has been for years. It lets you organize your tasks and track time, and its free to boot:



This is how I do it: Keeping a timesheet.


Did you see TodoList? Task breakdown, time tracking, etc.


RescueTime can track app use for you...it has an amusing feature where your productivity is compared to the average across everyone using it...


I ended up using Fogbugz with a plugin. Worked great for me. There is a free version for startups with 2 or fewer users. Timesnapper also sounds like a great tool, but Fogbugz met my modest needs the best.


Simple little tray application with icon indicating status (running/stopped) and a hotkey for starting / stopping, window pops up on start to enter a subject.

log to xml, text or database or where ever is convenient.


I wrote a google desktop gadget that you could use for this: http://desktop.google.com/plugins/i/tasklistandtimer.html


I heard about Timesnapper on Hanselminutes: get it here. It records your activities into pictures that you can analyse later for time sheets and stuff.


I have a small Java program I wrote for project time tracking:


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