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I would like to know if there are any free open source or paid software for hosting images (like tinypic.com imageshack.us) or file sharing (4shared.com or rapidshare.com) developed in ASP.NET.

And If I have to develop the same, how do I remove the 2 gb limit on upload in IIS?

This question contains both programming as well as non programming question.

Any help appreciated.


xigla is an ASP.NET solution for a rapid share site.

Another link aggregation site with promising links.

Sharepoint is very good too.

Nuke Transfer is a file sharing module for DotNetNuke.

For most of these solutions the file size limit is from the actual IIS config not from the software. Chris Bunk describes a method for modifying IIS config to allow uploads bigger than 2 gigabytes.


I'd recommend Amazon S3. It has a webservice interface which should be usable in ASP though I have no experience with that. It is very reasonably priced, very stable, and the webservice is rock solid once you get it working.


I'm pretty sure that SkyDrive uses ASP.NET but it's not open source.

You probably will need to create some sort of external program (.Net, Java or Flash) to upload files larger than 2 GB. Alternatively, you can create browser extension.


You cannot upload a file that is larger than 2 GB. If you want to upload files that total more than 2 GB, separate the files, and then upload them in batches that are less than 2 GB.

Please note that browsers has a 2GB limit as well. http://www.motobit.com/help/scptutl/pa98.htm

If you 'really' need over 2GB file upload http facility, I would suggest to create an OCX component or an application, which split file internally before uploading to server.


I was able to find 2 sites for you

  1. ASP.net Image galleries has a list of open source scripts for image management

  2. I-Load

The upload sie is not programming related as others said.


I've tested out Gallery Server Pro before. It's a very nice image gallery solution with loads of built in functionality. It's also capable of hosting thousands of images, the only real limitation is the hard disk you have it sitting on.

But the 2gb limit is from the server side as already mentioned.


I've used Gallery - an open source web based photo album organizer. You can have as many Galleries as you want on your web server and each gallery can contain as many photo albums as you want.

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