Tutorial :MOSS 2007 - Parent Folder Column


I use a flat document list for certain document types and I want to give my users a possiblity to jump to the parent folder of this document.

Is there a column that contains this information? I couldn't find one.


No, there isn't a column or UI affordance for the parent folder in either a document library or the document library web part, nor is there a way to create a calculated field (without creating a totally custom field in code) - MSFT intended people to use the breadcrumbs I suppose. There are plenty of third party web parts out there for sale that provide this functionality (sort of) -but I haven't found one yet that I would recommend.


Is it something like this you are looking for?


As I couldn't find an easy solution for my problem, I just coded that field type myself.


Indeed, there is nothing OOTB that provides this information. At best, you can 'guess' the parent folder by getting the second-to-last segment of the FileRef column (the file's own URL):

                     â–¼ this one  /web/web/list/folder/folder/file.ext  

Of course, that only works when you can have a reasonable expectation the file will actually be at least one folder deep. We have some limited cases where this works.

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