Tutorial :method for creating a unique validation key/number


I'm using django for a web-magazine with subscriber-content. when a user purchases a subscription, the site will create a validation key, and send it to the user email address. The validation key would be added to a list of "valid keys" until it is used.

What is the best method for creating a simple yet unique key? Can someone suggest a standard python library for key-creation/validation/ect?

This might be a very simple question, but I'm very new. ;)


As other posters mentioned, you are looking for a GUID, of which the most popular implemntation UUID (see here) . Django extensions (see here) offer a UUID field just for this purpose.


I'd recommend using a GUID. They are quickly becoming industry standard for this kind of thing.

See how to create them here: How to create a GUID/UUID in Python


Well, you can always use a GUID. As you said it would be stored as a valid key.

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