Tutorial :make server auto-append @domain.com to ftp account


I have a client who, printed 10,000 advertisements with a specific password for an FTP account written on it lets say: horses1, for many reasons I have had to migrate her over to a new host, she chose mediaTemple, and bought an account.

The Login is now horses1@HER-DOMAIN.com, which is a problem, becuase of all her print ads.

I'm thinking this can be fixed with mod_rewrite and htaccess, but I'm pretty sure apache2 and ftp are different programs... I'm really screwed if I cant fix this....

EDIT: is there a way to create an FTP user alias?


Apache is just a HTTP server. But maybe mod_ftp and its StripHostname option can help you.


Apache is an HTTP server (which, due to being magic, can be made to act like pretty much any kind of TCP/IP server you like, but almost never is) so won't be responsible for the FTP.

The FTP will almost certainly be supplied by a different server, and you'll need to find out what that is and what level of configuration control you have on it before you can proceed any further.


FTP sites that need @domain are almost always shared hosts.

You will not be able to make configuration changes to make it work without.

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