Tutorial :keypress event in jQuery


I have a page with two button. When I press '5' I want that button1 to be clicked and on pressing '6' Button 2 to be clicked. Is it possible using jQuery?

Can I also handle Ctrl+5 in jQuery?


I recommend binding to the keyup event to prevent event duplicate firings. Here's some sample assuming buttons with Ids, button1 and button2.

$(function() {      $(document).keyup(function(e) {         if(e.keyCode == 53 || e.keyCode == 101) { //number 5            $("#button1").trigger('click');         } else if(e.keyCode == 54 || e.keyCode == 102) { //number 6            $("#button2").trigger('click');         }     });  });  

Trapping CTRL+5 is very tricky and in the case of Chrome, it is intercepted by the browser.


Check out the event helpers in jQuery. Things like keypress and others.

In the keypress demo, when you enter a key into the box, you get to know the charcode number of that key.

For example 5 is 53 and 6 is 64

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