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I am making a favorite list where you can add items through javascript and remove them again. The values are stored in cookies to remember the list when the user returns. The problem I have is that the method to remove the items from the list doesn't get run, unless there has been a postback first. My code to remove items look like this:

 function removeFavorite(OrderId) {      debugger;      var cookieValues = jQuery.cookie('FavoriteList');      var cookieArray = cookieValues.split(",");      for (var i = 0; i < cookieArray.length; i++) {          if (cookieArray[i] == OrderId) {              cookieArray.splice(i, 1);          }      }      jQuery('li#liFavoriteOrder_' + OrderId).remove();      jQuery.cookie('FavoriteList', cookieArray.join(","));  }  

and the code to call the method looks like this:

<a onclientclick="removeFavorite(1272331)" style="cursor: pointer;">  

and the list looks like

<ul id="ulFavoriteList">   <li id="FavoriteId_1272331">  Milk  <a onclientclick="removeFavorite(1272331)" style="cursor: pointer;">  <img src="/Images/Icons/bullet_toggle_minus.png"/>  </a>  </li>  </ul>  

The code to add to to the list looks a bit like this (short version):

        jQuery('<li id=\"liFavorite_' + OrderId + '\"><a target=\"_blank\" href=\"' + url + '\">' + OrderName + '</a><a style="cursor:pointer;" onclientclick="removeFavorite(' + OrderId+ ')"><img src="/Images/Icons/bullet_toggle_minus.png" /></a></li>').appendTo('ul#ulFavoriteList');  


This was just a very stupid error. I can't use onclientclick on regular html-elements, but need to use onclick instead.

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