Tutorial :Issue with Incorrect URLs in the WSDL of a .NET Web Service


We have installed an ASP.NET web site on a client's server. This site has a web service with a couple of web methods that are called by a Flash object in order to display a news feed. If you browse to their site (ex: www.domain.com), everything's working fine except the flash.

The issue is that when we browse to the .asmx, the header shows that the Host is a subdomain internal to their network (internal.domain.com). Obviously this doesn't resolve to any public IP when browsing from outside of their network. This causes the Flash to fail since the flash object is embedded on a page and is therefore running client side.

I checked the computer name on the server in question, and it doesn't even match "internal.domain.com" - it is something completely different. Where is it getting this information from. It is not coming from IIS, since we have no host headers set up, and the IP for the site is set to (all unassigned).

We either need to force the web service to run against a specific host, or we need to change something on the server so that it resolves to a valid public-facing host name. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!!


The solution is to add a host header for www.domain.com

More details here


While you probably did this already, it's always a good first step:

Do a global Find in the source code of both the Flash object and the web service for the string in question.

It sounds like someone may have configured/coded the internal.domain.com string into the Flash object's request. (Host: is a HTTP Request header, not Response header, IIRC.)


Does the Flash object get the web service URL from the C# code? If so, it might be getting the default web service URL that you choose when adding a Web Reference to your project in VS. Therefore it might be pointing to a URL locally to the developer's machine/server which is not recognized on the live server.

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