Tutorial :Is Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 usable?


I saw that Beta 1 of VS2010 was publicly availible.

My question to those of you who has tried it is: does it work good?

Will it cause my computer to blow up in tiny pieces? Will it crash randomly? Will it work with some minor glitches? Or is it just perfect from bottom up?

I'm only coding school- and hobby-stuff, so nothing that someones life depend upon, but i still want software that works. How close to a final product is it? Is it worth trying?


It's a bit slow, and there's no offline MSDN, but it's worth trying IMO. Having said that it's slow, I still use it on my NC10 netbook, so it's clearly not that bad :)

I've got it side-by-side VS2008, and that hasn't caused any problems.

I've seen a couple of glitches (once the keyboard handling went completely wonky) but it's certainly usable. The main question is what you want to get out of trying it - in my case I absolutely need to code against C# 4 to explore the new features. I do most of that from the command line in fact, where the speed of VS obviously isn't an issue, but it's nice to see the VS-specific features as well (like the debug threading views for Parallel Extensions).


It seems more or less usable on the .NET side. The C++ side is a bit more sketchy. On one hand, they've added support for some very nice new C++0x features, on the other, they've broken some absolute fundamentals.

Your plain old main function won't compile in 32-bit with unicode enabled. (Workarounds: Either compile as 64-bit, disable unicode, or rename the function to wmain).

This seems to me to be a strong hint that the C++ side of things is nowhere near release-worthy. I'd probably wait for beta2 before doing any serious work with that.


I would say it is great, but the performance hurts a bit.

Here is an idea for you: Install it into a VirtualPC. Then you can play and not care what it does. You don't like it, delete the VPC image and keep on trucking. That is how I play with Microsoft betas now. I never install them on any real machine - too risky.


Usable: Yes.

Recommended: Not if you'r a touchpad-addict or dislike crashing apps.

I've been trying it for 2 weeks now coding small C#-projects and these are my impressions

Reasons to use 2010:

  • Looks good
  • Multi monitor support
  • I can see myself using the code templating but right now i couldnt find any really useful stuff except for reducing the fontsize of comments.
  • Zoom in the editor
  • Select a variable and then press shift+up/down to go to next usage of this variable
  • Ctrl+, brings up instant search of classes and functions in the entire project. (i've become really addicted to this)
  • Floating watches for single objects

Reasons to not use 2010:

  • TOUCHPAD SCROLL DOESN'T WORK IN THE EDITOR!!! (this is reason enough to not upgrade if you are using it on a laptop)
  • I've had some random app-crashes in the middle of just writing code, once or twice per day maybe.
  • UI sometimes freezes randomly for about 30seconds and then returns to normal.
  • It started to use 100% CPU power from one of my cores once when it was minimized in basic editing-mode and i was doing other stuff in other programs, i only noticed it because the fan started to go wild.

Otherwhise it's pretty similar to 2008. I haven't noticed any difference in speed like other people say.


You need to ask yourself: what is the advantage for you in using VS2010 over VS2008? I would suggest that there is no advantage if all you are doing is "school- and hobby-stuff".

I'm still using VS2008 for business related stuff (and, indeed, VC6 for some stuff). I prefer to wait until all the early adopters have tested it (and Microsoft has released at least one service pack after the real product release) before I do their testing for them.


It seems to co-exist with other versions of VS without causing any problems.

Regarding the slowness - it seems to be the UI that is slow, rather than building. Once it's going it doesn't seem much slower on my fast quadcore. I've yet to try it on my laptop.


It's usable enough, the small glitches that I've encounter weren't that bad. However, certain VS extensions(like XNA) don't work in VS2010 at the moment.


It's fun to toy with. Not usable for me, cause re#er does not support it yet (had to install TestDriven .NET which works through keyboard shortcuts only to run my tests).

Gave me an insight how addicted I am. :/

Btw, on Win7, without virtual pc it seemed even faster than vs2008 for me.


VS2010 doesn't yet support mobile device projects, which might or might not matter to you.


VC++ wise - VS2010 has a built-in 64-bit compiler, VS2008 does not.

You can supposedly add 64-bit support to VS2008, but it takes some effort.


I've been using VS 2010 beta (with .NET 4.0 beta) on Windows 7 RC. I've been trying to rewrite parts of a large-scale business application in it to see what can be done with it.

The UI freezes frequently. I'm talking 1-10 minutes between freezes. The UI does not come back, so I'm forced to kill devenv.exe every time it happens. Microsoft probably puts my error reports in their spam folder by now.

For me, VS 2010 beta 1 classifies as unusable. However, it's fast, the new IDE functions are very handy, and it's pretty. I keep coming back to it despite my resolutions to wait for a stable build.

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