Tutorial :Is there a better way to write this mutiple or conditional?


I have the following IF statement in javascript:

if ( !(cmd === 'JustifyLeft' || cmd === 'JustifyRight' || cmd === 'JustifyCenter' || cmd === 'JustifyFull') )  

Any suggestions on how it could be written in a cleaner way?




In response to a few comments you can also mimic your strict comparison with a small edit:

if( typeof cmd != 'String' || !cmd.match(/^Justify(Left|Right|Center|Full)$/))  

This will react in the exact same way as your current code, ignoring anything that's not a string.

Personally I think it is highly unlikely that you will need it.


This sounds like a good situation to use a switch. Just be aware that switches only do equality checking (==) not identity checking (===), though this should be fine.

switch (cmd) {      case "JustifyLeft" :      case "JustifyRight" :      case "JustifyCenter" :      case "JustifyFull" :          // do something      break;      case "somethingElse" :      default:          // do something else      break;  }  


I would create a IsJustifyCommand(s) method or create a command abstract class that has a IsJustifyCommand() method on it. Then the code will read like a description of what it is trying to do.

Using regex may be neat, but will lead to maintenance problems if someone that is not a hard-core JavaScript programmer has to work on the code. However if you have lots of cases when regex is a good solution, then use it, as anyone looking at the code will soon pick it up.

(However I am a C# programmer not a JavaScript programmer, but like most programmer I have to look at / edit JavaScript code sometimes. I think most JavaScript is maintained by none JavaScript programmers.)


I hate when something is written like that. First I look at the code and think "if cmd is equal to JustifyLeft or JustifyRight... then invert that and... if that's true do the thing.. so that means if it's JustifyLeft...". For me it takes alot of time and I have to re-read the line to be sure I got it right.

I think it's better to write.

if ((cmd !== 'JustifyLeft') && (cmd !== 'JustifyRight') && (cmd !== 'JustifyCenter') && (cmd !== 'JustifyFull'))  

It might be a little more verbose but I find it easier to follow. I read it as "cmd can't be any of the Justify-strings". Checking a long boolean expression and then inverting the whole answer is irritating.

I like the solution from scragar, just wanted to give my thoughts about inverting a long boolean expression.

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