Tutorial :Is Sharepoint Server mandatory for Excel Services or Excel Web Access


The Excel Services and Excel Web Access ship with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. I'm wondering if Excel Services or any component of that technology could be used without running a Sharepoint Server.

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These are only availble through SharePoint 2007 and don't exist as a standalone products. Microsoft is heavily pushing MOSS as the platform for most products they deliver online so I'd be very surprised to see any of these ship independantly.


SpreadsheetGear for .NET will do many of the things Excel Services does and also includes some functionality which you cannot get with Excel Services. SpreadsheetGear 2009 works with ASP.NET 2.0+. You can see some ASP.NET samples here and download the free trial here.

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You didn't mention any feature in specific but some of the functionality available in Excel Services is now available through SkyDrive.

The Excel Calculation Service protocol is also documented here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh633051(v=office.12).aspx in case you want to write your own protocol client.

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