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  • I built a simple iPhone application for a customer
  • This will be distributed via iTunes using Ad Hoc Provisioning profile
  • I need to build two different executables
  • 1) a test application and an 2) official application
  • the only differences between the two applications are: . the Default.png startup screen . some image icons in the application . the application icon

how can I organize my xcode project so I can use a single project for the two applications ? - do I need to create multiple targets ? - can I use the same Application name and Provisioning profiles for the two application or I need different ones ? - is it simpler to add a shell script at building start and just personalize the application graphics depending on a SWITCH VARIABLE defined in the project ?

thank you for your help


You can use the same provisioning profile if you set it up as a "wildcard" profile. Do that by setting the application identifier to something along the lines of "com.companyname.*" (the * is the important part).

As for the image switching, you could do that with two targets, and each target having a specific shell script at the beginning of the build process which chooses which image to use.

Hope this helps.


yes, you should create multiple tatgets. That is the easiest way to include different Default.png files.

You sign both versions using a wildcard provisioning profile. Take a look at the Apple provisioning docs.

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