Tutorial :In C#, how do I resolve the IP address of a host?


How can you dynamically get the IP address of the server (PC which you want to connect to)?


System.Dns.GetHostEntry can be used to resolve a name to an IP address.


IPHostEntry Host = Dns.GetHostEntry(DNSNameString);  DoSomethingWith(Host.AddressList);  


If you Use the Below Method you will be able to resolve correctly

 public static bool GetResolvedConnecionIPAddress(string serverNameOrURL, out IPAddress resolvedIPAddress)          {              bool isResolved = false;              IPHostEntry hostEntry = null;              IPAddress resolvIP = null;              try              {                  if (!IPAddress.TryParse(serverNameOrURL, out resolvIP))                  {                      hostEntry = Dns.GetHostEntry(serverNameOrURL);                        if (hostEntry != null && hostEntry.AddressList != null && hostEntry.AddressList.Length > 0)                      {                          if (hostEntry.AddressList.Length == 1)                          {                              resolvIP = hostEntry.AddressList[0];                              isResolved = true;                          }                          else                          {                              foreach (IPAddress var in hostEntry.AddressList)                              {                                  if (var.AddressFamily == AddressFamily.InterNetwork)                                  {                                      resolvIP = var;                                      isResolved = true;                                      break;                                  }                              }                          }                      }                  }                  else                  {                      isResolved = true;                  }              }              catch (Exception ex)              {                }              finally              {                  resolvedIPAddress = resolvIP;              }                return isResolved;          }  


You want to do an nslookup.

Here's an example:



Based on your comment on chaos's answer, you don't want the IP address of a server, you want the IP address of a client. If that's the case, fix your question ... and your answer would be HttpRequest.UserHostAddress.

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