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Latest version of tinyMCE is stripping my embed tags, and javascript when I use it. I tried setting the verify_html flag to false without any luck. Here is my config js for tinyMCE, can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

Update: I am positive it is not a server side issue. I used a plain textarea without tinymce loaded and it worked perfectly. It is tinyMCE doing the stripping.

tinyMCE.init({      // General options      mode: "textareas",      theme: "advanced",      plugins:  safari,pagebreak,style,layer,table,save,advhr,advimage,advlink,emotions,iespell,  insertdatetime,preview,media,searchreplace,print,contextmenu,paste,directionality,  fullscreen,noneditable,visualchars,nonbreaking,xhtmlxtras,template,inlinepopups",      valid_elements: "*[*]",      verify_html : false,          // Theme options      theme_advanced_buttons1:           bold,italic,underline,strikethrough,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,  justifyfull,|,formatselect,fontselect,fontsizeselect|,ltr,rtl,|,fullscreen|,forecolor,  backcolor,code",      theme_advanced_buttons2:       "cut,copy,paste,pastetext,pasteword,|,search,replace,|,bullist,numlist,|,  outdent,indent,blockquote,|,undo,redo,|,link,unlink,anchor,image,cleanup,help,advhr",      theme_advanced_buttons3:   "tablecontrols,|,hr,removeformat,visualaid,|,sub,sup,|,charmap,emotions,iespell,media",      theme_advanced_toolbar_location: "top",      theme_advanced_toolbar_align: "left",      theme_advanced_statusbar_location: "bottom",      theme_advanced_resizing: true,      height: "500px",        // Example word content CSS (should be your site CSS) this one removes paragraph     // margins      content_css: "content/word.css",        // Drop lists for link/image/media/template dialogs      template_external_list_url: "lists/template_list.js",      external_link_list_url: "lists/link_list.js",      external_image_list_url: "lists/image_list.js",      media_external_list_url: "lists/media_list.js",        // Replace values for the template plugin      template_replace_values: {          username: "Some User",          staffid: "991234"      }  });  


Update #2:

After doing some more digging, you ought to try the following.


media_strict: false  

And set the settings for the <embed> tag:


Source (MoxieCode Forum)


You're setting extended_valid_elements, but not setting valid_elements?:

valid_elements: "*[*]"  

extended_valid_elements is used for the current ruleset. But valid_elements allows you to actually create that ruleset.

Old Answer:

Are you sure it's TinyMCE doing it, and not whatever is parsing the server-side request?

If you're using ASP.NET, make sure ValidateRequest="False" is set for the page. If you're using ASP.NET MVC, then you'll need to put the following above the controller action:


Make sure you're at least using a whitelist to keep bad stuff out, though.

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