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I have a model called Profile which is belong_to User, so there is 'user_id' for the database to keep track of. In the local admin interface I made for this model I wanted to provide the flexibility of allowing admin to enter an username to a field in the editing screen, and then resolve that to user_id for saving in controller.

However the question is, how do I check against that the username have a valid return? I found that in ActiveRecord::Validation there is no method for validating the existence of the association. How will you handle a situation like this?

Update: What I want to do is to validate that the username field in the form is indeed a real user, then I could save that user_id back to the profile admin is editing. Here 'return' means the user object returned.


This problem is a good candidate for virtual attributes. Instead of trying to resolve the username, let the profile model to the job for you.

class Profile      belongs_to :user      # ...      def username      user.try(:username)    end      def username=(value)      self.user = User.find_by_username(value)    end    end  

Then in your form

<% form_for @profile do |f| %>      <%= f.text_field :username %>    <% end %>  

When submitted, the value for the username field is automatically passed with all the other real activerecord attributes. ActiveRecord will look for the username= setter and will resolve the association. If the association returns nil (no record exists with given username), then it will set current user_id to nil and validation will fail as expected.

You might want to customize the error code to make more meaningful.

EDIT: Added example.

validate :ensure_username_exists     def username=(value)     self.user_id = User.find_by_username(value) || 0   end     protected       def ensure_username_exists       if user_id == 0 # nil is allowed         errors.add(:user_id, "Username doesn't exists")         return false       end    end  


This is a useful reference for Active Record Associations: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/association_basics.html

To check for the existence of the association, just check association.nil?

if @profile.user.nil?    ... something ...  end  

To check if the username has a valid return, well I'm not quite sure what you mean. Could you expand on that?

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