Tutorial :How do I work with an XML tag within a string?


I'm working in Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express.

Let's say I have a string and the contents of the string is: "This is my <myTag myTagAttrib="colorize">awesome</myTag> string."

I'm telling myself that I want to do something to the word "awesome" - possibly call a function that does something called "colorize".

What is the best way in C# to go about detecting that this tag exists and getting that attribute? I've worked a little with XElements and such in C#, but mostly to do with reading in and out XML files.




Another solution:

var myString = "This is my <myTag myTagAttrib='colorize'>awesome</myTag> string.";  try  {      var document = XDocument.Parse("<root>" + myString + "</root>");      var matches = ((System.Collections.IEnumerable)document.XPathEvaluate("myTag|myTag2")).Cast<XElement>();      foreach (var element in matches)      {          switch (element.Name.ToString())          {              case "myTag":                  //do something with myTag like lookup attribute values and call other methods                  break;              case "myTag2":                  //do something else with myTag2                  break;          }      }  }  catch (Exception e)  {      //string was not not well formed xml  }  

I also took into account your comment to Dabblernl where you want parse multiple attributes on multiple elements.


You can extract the XML with a regular expression, load the extracted xml string in a XElement and go from there:

string text=@"This is my<myTag myTagAttrib='colorize'>awesome</myTag> text.";  Match match=Regex.Match(text,@"(<MyTag.*</MyTag>)");  string xml=match.Captures[0].Value;  XElement element=XElement.Parse(xml);  XAttribute attribute=element.Attribute("myTagAttrib");  if(attribute.Value=="colorize") DoSomethingWith(element.Value);// Value=awesome  

This code will throw an exception if no MyTag element was found, but that can be remedied by inserting a line of:

if(match.Captures.Count!=0)  {...}  

It gets even more interesting if the string could hold more than just the MyTag Tag...


I'm a little confused about your example, because you switch between the string (text content), tags, and attributes. But I think what you want is XPath.

So if your XML stream looks like this:

<adeena/><parent><child x="this is my awesome string">This is another awesome string<child/><adeena/>

You'd use an XPath expression that looks like this to find the attribute:


and one like this to find the text value under the child tag:


I'm a Java developer, so I don't know what XML libraries you'd use to do this. But you'll need a DOM parser to create a W3C Document class instance for you by reading in the XML file and then using XPath to pluck out the values.

There's a good XPath tutorial from the W3C schools if you need it.


If you're saying that you already have an XML stream as String, then the answer is to not read it from a file but from the String itself. Java has abstractions called InputStream and Reader that handle streams of bytes and chars, respectively. The source can be a file, a string, etc. Check your C# DOM API to see if it has something similar. You'll pass the string to a parser that will give back a DOM object that you can manipulate.


Since the input is not well-formed XML you won't be able to parse it with any of the built in XML libraries. You'd need a regular expression to extract the well-formed piece. You could probably use one of the more forgiving HTML parsers like HtmlAgilityPack on CodePlex.


The XmlTextReader can parse XML fragments with a special constructor which may help in this situation, but I'm not positive about that.

There's an in-depth article here:



This is my solution to match any type of xml using Regex: C# Better way to detect XML?

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