Tutorial :How do I get a Raster from an Image in java?


I'm trying to load a gif image from a url into a java.util.image.Raster so I can manipulate it. The only method for loading and decompressing an image I could find was Toolkit.getImage, which returns a java.awt.Image. I need to turn that into a Raster so I can work with it. Suggestions?


Load your Image into a Buffered Image and then get the data from it

BufferedImage img = null;  try {     img = ImageIO.read(new File ("c:/imageFile.gif"));  } catch(Exception e) {}    Raster R=img.getData();  


if you just want to draw on this image, you can get a Graphics2D context, from your BufferedImage.

Graphics2D g=(Graphics2D) image.getGraphics();  //draw over your image  g.drawLine(1,1,100,100);  g.dispose();  //save your image, display it, etc...  


Rickster sent me down the right path (thanks!).

import javax.imageio.ImageIO;    public Raster get_image(InputStream inp) {      return ImageIO.read(inp).getData();  }    public Raster get_image(URL inp) {      return ImageIO.read(inp).getData();  }  

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