Tutorial :How do I draw text into a subview?


I want to draw text into UIView's subview using drawInRect:withFont:lineBreakMode call but that operates on the current context only.

Is it possible to draw text into a subview from current view?

The subview is a generic UIView instance and I don't really want to create a new UIView-derived class just for this purpose if I can avoid it.


One option would be to add a CALayer to the view's layer instead of adding a UIView to the view. The CALayer has a delegate property which you can assign any object to. The CALayer calls:

- (void)drawLayer:(CALayer *)layer inContext:(CGContextRef)ctx  

on the delegate, which you can take to do something like:

- (void)drawLayer:(CALayer *)layer inContext:(CGContextRef)ctx {      if (layer == myLayer) {          UIGraphicsPushContext(ctx);          [string drawInRect:rect withFont:font lineBreakMode:mode];          UIGraphicsPopContext();      }  }  


No, if you're going to do something with a context, you have to be in that view's -drawRect:. You can always make your subview a UIView subclass that overrides -drawRect: to display the text you want... but at that point, you're kind of reinventing UILabel.


No, you can't do what you describe. Subclassing UIView is exactly the method you're supposed to use for thisâ€" there's nothing wrong with creating a UIView subclass which only has a simple -drawRect: method.

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