Tutorial :How do I convince Linq to Sql to generate Sql to compare strings with greater than or less than? [duplicate]


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Let's say I have a MS-SQL 2005 table named "People" with the following rows:

|FirstName|LastName|  |JD       |Conley  |  |Joe      |Schmo   |  |Mary     |Jane    |  

I want to execute a SQL statement like:

select * from People where FirstName > 'JD'  

The problem I'm having is I can't think of a way to get LINQ to SQL to generate this SQL statement. Obviously I can't use ">" and "<" operators on strings in C#.


You want String.CompareTo here

var query = from p in db.People              where p.FirstName.CompareTo("JD") > 0              select p;  

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