Tutorial :How do I convert an interval into a number of hours with postgres?


Say I have an interval like

4 days 10:00:00  

in postgres. How do I convert that to a number of hours (106 in this case?) Is there a function or should I bite the bullet and do something like

extract(days, my_interval) * 24 + extract(hours, my_interval)  


Probably the easiest way is:

SELECT EXTRACT(epoch FROM my_interval)/3600  


If you want integer i.e. number of days:

SELECT (EXTRACT(epoch FROM (SELECT (NOW() - '2014-08-02 08:10:56')))/86400)::int  


To get the number of days the easiest way would be:

SELECT EXTRACT(DAY FROM NOW() - '2014-08-02 08:10:56');  

As far as I know it would return the same as:

SELECT (EXTRACT(epoch FROM (SELECT (NOW() - '2014-08-02 08:10:56')))/86400)::int;  


select floor((date_part('epoch', order_time - '2016-09-05 00:00:00') / 3600)), count(*) from od_a_week group by floor((date_part('epoch', order_time - '2016-09-05 00:00:00') / 3600));

The ::int conversion follows the principle of rounding. If you want a different result such as rounding down, you can use the corresponding math function such as floor.


If you convert table field:

  1. Define the field so it contains seconds: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS test ( ... field INTERVAL SECOND(0) );
  2. Extract the value. Remember to cast to int other wise you can get an unpleasant surprise once the intervals are big: EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM field)::int


         select date 'now()' - date '1955-12-15';  

Here is the simple query which calculates total no of days.

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